Tiger is a 21 year old fashion photographer turned designer, running super cool festival shop Easy Tiger with her equally cool boyfriend Basil.

What is it like being part of Confetti Crowd? 

Being part of Confetti Crowd means sisterhood, girl power and kicking ass! The girls encourage me to do whatever I want with my life, wear whatever I want, and be whoever I want to be. It’s so empowering being around women that are striving to be the best they can possible be. All while staying so true to themselves. It’s great to have people like that around me.

What are your goals for 2017?

My goals for this year that I set at the beginning of the year are actually all reality right now. I really feel like I am living my dreams. The goals were: re-launch Easy Tiger and for it to be successful (tick!), move to London and find a lovely home with some really special people (tick!) & keep travelling (tick!)

Tell us about your Shop 'Easy Tiger'?

The idea of starting a funky festival shop initially started on a really long car journey with my boyfriend. We both agreed there were not enough online shops that sold really unique clothing. Especially for festivals. Then we didn’t think about it for a while until we ended up in India. We discovered so many incredible treasures that we just had to bring them back for everyone else! I felt guilty finding and having these amazing garments all to myself. So I started a little online shop once I got home and sold everything I bought within two months. It was incredible! This year I have invested all that money back into the business and I’m so proud of what I have coming out this festival season. Everything from this collection is so different to last year as almost everything is designed by me and my boyfriend. We are so proud of it. So much hard work, glitter, sequins and love has gone into this collection. I had a lot of fun designing and making my ideal festival outfits. That’s what this collection is. A little piece of my imagination turned into a reality.

Photographer, traveller & owner of festival fashion shop Easy Tiger