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As you may already know we are currently taking part in an exciting sustainable project with Love Not Landfill. So what is Love Not Landfill?

Love Not Landfill is a project that aims to teach us all how to reuse our clothes, how to dispose of our unwanted pieces efficiently and how to generally shop sustainably. Love not landfill have placed clothes banks around London to encourage people to recycle their clothes. They are also launching the Love Not Landfill pop up shop next week which will be all things stylish yet with a guilt free conscience! Concessions will be curated by influencers and brands including our rail, ‘The Barnardo’s collection by Confetti Crowd’. The store will showcase second-hand fashion at its very best, displayed in an environment that is different from most charity shops on the high street. 

Love Not Landfill is such an amazing project that educates us on howthe way we care for and dispose of clothes currently has a huge negative impact on the environment and it needs to change. So the Love Not Landfill project was created to help us find easy ways to help by making small changes in how we buy, care for and dispose of our clothes.

We have been teamed up with the charity shop Bernardo’s and we cannot begin to tell you how many incredible pieces we found there! We have put together two amazing colourful rails for you to get your hands on (how we didn’t buy it all and take it all home, will never know!).  


For us, collaborating with such a great project was an easy choice. Climate change is rapidly declining, years have passed us by and yet sadly, we wait until we hit crisis point to do anything about it. In the USA 10.5 million tons of clothing are sent to landfill that’s about 30 times as heavy as the Empire State Building. It’s been stated that we wear our clothes upon an average of 4 times before we dispose them. The most common reason why clothing is thrown out is due to:
- 64% I don't like it any more.
- 40% Is no longer in fashion/my personal style.
- 31% Need room for new clothes.
- 10% Only bought it for a special occasion.
- 21% Only sort pieces out when broken or no longer fit. ¹¹

So please make sure you come down to the Old Truman Brewery between 7-8pm on the 7th November to meet Confetti Heli, shop all the sassy rainbow garments we’ve picked and come talk to us about sustainable fashion. We can’t wait to meet you! The shop will also be open th -11th of November too! 

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