Who run the world GIRLS!!!


In 2018 it is still vitally important that we as women fight for what is fair, what is just and for what is right! We deserve to be equal, to be respected and to feel safe at home, in the work place or anywhere in between. We need to follow in the footsteps of the women who have fought before us and continue to create positive change. 


Which is where, PROCESSIONS come in. PROCESSIONS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a mass participation artwork to celebrate one hundred years of votes for women.




"In 1918, the Representation of the People Act gave the first British women the right to vote and stand for public office. One hundred years on, we are inviting women* and girls across the UK to come and mark this historic moment as part of a living portrait of women in the 21st century.

On Sunday 10th of June, women and girls in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London will walk together as part of this celebratory mass participation artwork. Wearing either green, white or violet, the colours of the suffragette movement, the PROCESSIONS will appear as a flowing river of colour through the city streets.


One hundred women artists are being commissioned to work with organisations and communities across the UK to create one hundred centenary banners for PROCESSIONS as part of an extensive public programme of creative workshops. Find out more about the groups and artists involved here.

Community banner-making will also take place up and down the country. Make your own banner by downloading our toolkit here.

*those who identify as women or non-binary”.




We believe so strongly in representing for all us girls that we are joining in with PROCESSIONS and taking part in a day to remember! #PROCESSIONS2018 have commissioned 100 women artists to celebrate 100 years of women being able to vote in the UK and we have been invited to be official ambassadors by @1418NOW eeek! PROCESSIONS will be holding a mass participation artwork taking place on Sunday 10th June, women and girls from across the UK will come together to create a vast participatory artwork taking place simultaneously for one day. PROCESSIONS will be a living portrait of UK women in the 21st century  These will be taking places in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff and you're all invited to join! To find out more and to register to take part, visit processions.co.uk 🎨👭💪🌈⭐️ #GIRLPOWER



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