Girls Support Girls!

Women united = POWER!


One of the key beliefs Confetti Crowd stand for, is girls supporting girls. It is something we try to advocate and encourage because there is simply nothing more empowering. 


In this current climate, it’s is more important that ever for women to stand united, to build each other up and to aim high. We are still fighting for equality not only just for gender equality but for all ethnicities to be celebrated as equalys and for all love to be just love. Everyday you should set yourself goals of what you want in life, how your going to achieve it and what kind of world you want to live in whilst accomplishing all of this. It is fundemental for women and men to always strive to create a better world than the one we live in. 



We also are the social media generation, constantly living in the virtual reality and it is easy to get lost inside. If you follow girls on social media, that make you feel good and are creating positive change, then encourage them. If a girl puts a picture on and you think “yesss girl!!” then comment it. Don’t be afraid to reach out, to build on reationships and to build other women up, the more you put yourself out there, the more positive energy you will receive back. 


So girls, constantly remember to build your sisters up and take control of your own destiny. 


Here are some of our favourite girl supporting girls artists:


- @hatesucks

- @bettycollective

- @martinamartin 

- (and if anyone knows the artist of the bottom pic, please let us know!)






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