Letting go and looking after you!

You have made it through another week... congratulations!! Whether you had a pleasant week or a hard one, you did it, your at the weekend🙌🏼

Do you ever feel like you get caught up in the weeks stresses and hold onto them and let them consume your free time? Well it’s time to learn to let go! Start with this weekend, go have fun, relax or simply do nothing, whatever makes you happy. Then during this time if you find yourself drifting back to negative situations that have produced stress/bad feelings, then put to practice different forms of letting go. Try writing down in a diary, this way you are telling the experiences truly however you want without altering it for whoever is listening. Because you are simply telling the story back to yourself and to the therapeutic pages of your diary. Maybe go for a run/exercise this way you are focusing on endurance and how your body feels which lets you get out of your head. Music is a guaranteed mood booster! Put on songs that just get you going, that fire you up and instantly boost your mood. Painting can be a great way to let out emotions you don’t realise you are holding in, you start with a blank canvas, pick up a paint brush and let you hands flow. Don’t think about it to much and see what the outcome teaches you. If there is lots of harsh bold lines, maybe you have stored a bad memory and your finally realising it.

There are so many forms of expression that can help you let go, it is just about finding the right one for you. So can experiment and explore and take back your days off and let go of stress.  


Art by the incredible @janellesilver 

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