Confetti Crowd 2018

As Confetti Crowd we have worked hard for three years to build ourselves as a brand, and we finally feel we've built our platform to a place where we can help create positive change. So we have been planning and working hard on our biggest Confetti project yet! 💥🙌🏼 If you haven't already noticed our new has begun and is an on going project. Each day we have been raising awareness for several topics we all want to speak out about. This has been featuring some amazing story’s, poems, literature, videos and guest chats. This project is very close to our heart as it is important to support each other as women and realise we all go through the same things and it’s vital to speak out about issues and worries rather than keep them in. Let’s learn to inspire each other and support one another.Each day of the week falls under specific categories:- Mental Health Monday- Taboo Tuesday- No Worries Wednesday- Talk Love Thursday- Female Empowerment Friday- Save the World Saturday- Super Boss SundayEach week we will discuss various different subjects such as anxiety, periods, heartbreaks and how to be the ultimate girl boss, all with the hope to create a place where a community of women can talk freely and honestly. Sharing stories, giving advice and relieving themselves of whatever they hold inside as they feel they have no one to talk to. We want to shine the light on issues old and new, to be a voice for the unheard, to stand up against the oppressors, to unite women, build them up and make them powerful. As every single woman and man deserves to have equality. 




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