Practicing balance & having time for yourself


In today's society people are always on the go. Whether it be running around London, organising your office or studying like crazy, sometimes we forget to take a break and just have 'me time'. 


Trying to live your best life, often means we are so focused on our goals that we are forever working hard and forgetting about other things. Sometimes it's seeing our family and friends, we forget to see them as we are just so busy. Striving for your goals can often put a strain on relationships, as you don't have the time for them, however, they need that time as much as your career does. However, this is when you need to practice balance. Finding the balance between your career and personal life can be really tough, but the best place to start is with a list of priorities. Write everything down that you do in your daily life and begin to put them in order of what matters most to you. Once this is done you can then begin to plan how to fit all/most of your priorities into your weekly basis. 


After you begin to have balance, it is really important to then schedule in 'me time'. Taking 'me time' should be anything you enjoy that is free from commitments/work, something that you find joy in and helps relax you. This could be anything from a dog walk, to painting, to sitting in your pjays all day watching Netflix. It is a time in which your body can unwind and your mind can relax. During this time you need to mute all business emails/chats, forward any calls that are not personal and refrain from all things work related. Only then will you truly feel like your "me time" is working. 


Without this crucial time, you'll end up coming to a breaking point when you've either lost motivation or simply just had enough. Hopefully, after you've taken some time for yourself you will be re-energised and ready to get back to work. 

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