5 day countdown!


5 days we repeat 5 DAYS!!!!!!


Where has the year gone?! One minute we was having the time of our lives at all the festivals this summer then we blinked and it's almost Christmas! Christmas is a time for reflection and gratitude and we are so grateful for all the work, adventures and friends this year has brought to us. Now it's time for us to take a much needed break and connect with our families. 


The overwhelming build up has left our brains running around scrambling to piece all the final details together! 'Have we forgotten to invite anyone? Have we got enough food and drink? Have we got the games? OMG we forgot the turkey!!!'. 

The 5 days panic is now officially upon us, last minute shopping, crazed late nights wrapping and making sure you have everything you need to make a very jolly Christmas. 


Our tips for next year to make our Christmas less stressful will be:


- Save save save: make a Christmas fund and put away a little each month so your not strapped when December arrives. 


- Booking in advance: whether that be theatre tickets, hotels or travel, book all December activities early!


- Limit: put price limits on presents and other Christmas expenses such as food/entertainment. 


- Shop smart: can you afford to buy presents in the January sales?


- Use social media: hunt for the online deals.  


Then by this time next year you should be fully prepared for Christmas and won't end up wasting time in endless queues and a frenzy of pain the whole month. So start early and make next year a calm Christmas!


Love Confetti's 



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