Christmas Surprises!


A Christmas wish we had the pleasure of helping come true was for the outstanding Rebecca Sullivan (@_fromthiswindow_). 


Rebecca is a strong, brave, colourful women who strives to motivate others to work hard and make the most out of life. Rebecca is also a Cerebal Palsy Warrior. Rebecca was told at a young age that she would never be able to sit upright, would never be able to live her life without having to rely on somebody else. But how wrong they were to predict Rebecca's future for her as she has defied every odd and conquered more than they could of imagined. 


Not only is Rebecca sitting up but she is actively pushing herself, from brushing her teeth, putting on her own make up, walking with an aid and evening daring to learn to scuba dive!! Rebecca teaches us to be grateful for the simple things and to strive for things out of our reach. 


So considering all of this, when her older sister Mairead Sullivan (@mermaiidmairead)  contacted our assistant asking if we could meet her and Rebecca, we were delighted. Mairead had told us how we helped inspire Rebecca on her down days and all about Rebecca's love for life and asked if we could meet up with them both and surprise Rebecca. Of course we could not wait to meet them both!! So we all began planning, to give Rebecca a Christmas surprise she would never forget. 


We had decided on lunch. Mairead had told Rebecca they were going on a girly day, and whilst they were getting out of the car us confettis were hiding round the corner trying to contain our excitement. Mairead and Rebecca headed into the restaurant and began to settle down as Rebecca asked "why is there six seats?" Luckily Mairead didn't have to distract her for too long as we couldn't wait any longer and ran in! Rebecca's face was a picture! She was so shocked and excited she couldn't believe what was happening. But for us it was just as surprising to see her reaction, as we are so hounered that anyone loves what we do and that we inspire them. As women like Rebecca and Mairead inspire us! The rest of the lunch was filled with us admiring the sisters sassy rainbow style and getting to know all about them. Mairead is hard working and determined just like her sister and we learnt that Rebecca is writing a book on how to stay motivated and overcome struggles. 


What we learned from these two, is that they are each other's biggest fans and that together they are unstoppable! They have inspired us so much and we are beyond grateful for that. You teach us to stay motivated, hard working and to live life to the fullest. We cannot wait to see what the new year brings you both!! 


Lots of love, Confetti's



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