Tis the season to make change!


It may be the season to be jolly but we cannot forget to stand together and fight for women's rights. So mark this date in your diaries ladies because it's about to get bloody (well not literally more metaphorically). 


December 20th is the date where women will be protesting in Parliament Square to call on Theresa May and the British Government to provide free menstruation products for all girls. This is not a luxury it is a necessity! And the simple fact is many young girls and women are unable to have this necessity due to many factors such as where they are living/how they are being supported financially. Menstruation is a simple part of the female anatomy, it is not a choice. It is something girls and women deal with monthly. These girls/women have to put up with the pain, the stress, the uncomfortability of a period they should not have to worry about where they will get there sanitary products from as they don't have the means to simply buy them from their local shop.

So it's time as a female community we put on our Christmas jumpers and march down to Parliament Square and stand together with our fellow women, girls, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends. We stand together for change. We stand together for liberation. We stand together for basic necessities! 



If you want to get involved @daisybernardart will be holding a sign making event at Cabel Cafe on Brixton Rd on December 18th where you all can begin prep for the protest. Artists, @Sophierosebrampton and @Whothafuckisalice will be there to help bring your signs to life! For more details message Daisy on instagram. 


So if you want to make a difference this Christmas, then this is the perfect way to do it!! You got this girls. 


Love Confetti's



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