Christmas with friends


Christmas is surrounded by the people you love but who say that it is just meant for family. Christmas should be spent with those who support you, build you up and make you happy, friends are the perfect example of that. No matter where you are you can make a home and a Christmas exactly the way you want it to be. We may not be with our friends on Christmas day itself, however, we will be having an early Christmas day where it is Confetti's and friends day, with lots of yummy food and Christmas films. Our perfect day will be spent at one of our homes, with tons of multicoloured cushions whilst we turn the place into a rainbow grotto, we will be making decorations, drinks and planning games for the evening when the rest of our friends come over. Our favourite drinks are wine and cocktails so we will be making a mixture of pina colada's and mulled wine which will accompany our vegan Christmas dinner, which we wrote about in yesterdays blogmas. 


We simply cannot wait! We would love to see you host your own friend Christmas's and tag us in your pictures!




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