Top 5 Christmas Films!

 Mean girl confetti realness!!


In our full decked out pvc santa outfits we are ready to cosy up by an open fire (or an electric heater but we can imagine) and turn on our favourite christmas films!!!! 


Grab your snacks, put your plays on and wrap yourself in a blanket as we get you in the mood for all the classic Christmas films. 


1 - Elf: If you don't like elf, it may be time to get a check up as how can you not want to embrace your inner child whilst watching this film! We love how elaborate this giant man in an elf suit is, yet its so endearing and brings you right back to being a child running round after eating too many sweets and having a sugar rush. 


2 - The Grinch: This has to be one of our favourite christmas films, as no matter how hard the Grinch tries he cannot resist the joy of Christmas! And we love that cindy lou (has anybody seen her now?!!!) who is his christmas miricale and brings him happiness.


3 - The Holiday: This film you can NEVER get tired of watching, the log cabin is goals and we love how adorable the story line is.


4 - The Polar Express: Put Tom Hanks in any film and you have success!


5 - Home Alone: We love how cheeky and fun this film is even though the little boy is running away from robbers the whole time.


And one more just because we love it!


6 - The Nightmare before Christmas: We are a sucker for a villain that falls in love with Christmas!


Christmas films are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and we can't wait to watch our favourites.


Let us know what yours are!!


Love Confetti's 









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