Recently we paired up with Dr Martens to style their new 'Daze Collection'. The collection is confetti crowd captured in a boot!! The collection is colourful, fun and lots of clashing patterns, which is of course why we were thrilled to help style them up. Bringing the 80s back, Dr Martens were inspired by the late 80s rave scene in all its glory! They used neon and florescent colours, so bright they could be noticed from a mile away, combined with trippy psychedelic prints to give the classic Dr Marten styles (Jadon boot, Smith and Polley shoes and accessories) a new modern reboot. 


When it came to styling, we wanted the boots to do all the talking so we styled colours and patterns around them that really made the boots POP! As the boots are clashing with all the colours and patterns, it meant you could pretty much wear anything that would compliment them. Whether it was black and white cow print or rainbow stripes, either way the boots stand out and make a statement. 


Thank you to Dr Marten for letting us be a part of the new collection, and making our feet so sassy and colourful!


Photography by @rebeccaspencer_photography


Read more at: https://blog.drmartens.com/confetti-crowd-style-new-dr-martens-daze-collection/


Shop Daze Collection at: http://www.drmartens.com/uk/daze-collection#


Today we wanted to talk about empowering your girlfriends. We’ve grown up seeing women being put against each other in the media and constantly comparing their successes, beauty, wealth and more. We have the power to change that. Spread positivity and support fellow female businesses and brands across social media. Share your fave girl bosses with your internet friends! You have no idea how much it can make an independent businesses day! The more you put yourself out there the more you’re gonna get back. Social media is also a great way to find fellow creatives to collaborate with and support each other. Confetti Crowd as a group absolutely loves to team up with independent female brands on design collaborations to share the word about them! Also, some of the growth of our individual brands is down to the fact we are always sharing the love and wearing each other’s stuff across our social media accounts.


Girl power can be exactly what it says on the tin, POWERFUL! Many people truly underestimate the force of which we women can bring once united. This is more than a phase, trend or a cute post for Instagram. We have the opportunity to really make an impact! When there are issues such as men in power using their authority to change women's rights, its times like these when the power of women can make a real difference.


Girls helping girls is what we love, and work hard for! Empower each other, lift each other up and us women will truly rule the world!















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