Live, breathe and sleep your niche. Be your own customer. Find something you are so passionate about that you are literally your brand on legs. Essentially you need to be your very own business card. For instance Helibells is obsessed with colourful vintage clothes and is  always reppin’ Sassy World without even realising it half the time. She's become friends with her customers because they are so on the same wavelength. She know's what they want because she wants it too. For the most impact your PB (Personal branding) should naturally tie in with your business brand.


5 Top Tips:

-Start thinking of yourself as a brand, ask yourself what do you want people to associate you with when they hear your name? 

-Consider setting up a personal website or social media account, if you want to have an ultra professional vibe you need a personal and work account, you dont want your work mixing in with your drunk selfies!

- Always share work/posts that are represent or are curated to the ethos of your brand.

-Be purposeful in what you share, every tweet you send, every status update you make, every picture you share, contributes to your personal brand.

- Innovate! A strong personal brand is dependent on a strong narrative.



Tiger, has become the ultimate festival queen through creating her own sparkly sequin brand Easy Tiger. She wears what she sells, which is why her customers love the brand because it is Tiger! Tigers brand represents her love for festivals and all things colour, alongside her love for travelling as this is where she created Easy Tiger with Basil, whilst on their travels in India. Every festival we attended this summer there were girls running around in Easy Tiger, which meant Tiger got to hear first hand what her customers thought of her brand and of course they loved it!


Lucy has completely transformed crochet from the blankets your nan used to make to glamorous crochet that can be worn all year round, with her brand Shop Fluffy. Her customers went mad when her crochet collection dropped this summer as it was so unlike anything else on the market. Lulu managed to capture this classic knit style and revolutionise it into the rainbow goodness she now sells at Shop Fluffy. Her long cardi's especially taking off as her customers were purchasing from all over the world, there is now rainbow cardis wondering Australia, America and many more wonderful places. 


Heidi's love for rainbows is not just only aesthetic it is Heidi's personality through and through! To the carpets in her home, to guitar strings to her wardrobe, Heidi lives and breathes rainbows. Which has led her to having the most unique personal branding as it portraits her personality and style of bubbling colourful music she is yet to release. Watch this space, because Heidi's debut song/music video will be unlike any other song/video in this current market. The PB she has crafted throughout every element of the video will give you a glimpse into Heidi's everyday life of seeing in colour.


























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