Do you and only you! 


As most of you are aware we are big believers of expressing yourself and this post is all about understanding that being yourself is your greatest power -  and that’s what makes you unique! Whether you are an aspiring artist or entrepreneur, do you and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s always important to remember that sometimes it takes time to find your feet, your style or your thing. Slow progress is still progress, don’t rush to find what ever it is you are looking for, it will take time.


Sometimes it’s hard to see other people around you achieving and not feel somewhat jealous. And we know it can be difficult to find a specific style or branding, this is why it’s so important to collaborate with other creatives. Don’t compete! Collaborate and connect, as this can help build you and your work. Not only can it develop your work but build up your confidence and you never know you might end up with a new bestie just like we did! Working with others will build up your contacts too, helping both you and them. Remember, her success is not your failure! You don’t need to be like them to succeed, believe in yourself and just keep building up on what makes you unique.
















 Photography by Rebecca Spencer | @rebeccaspencer_photography 



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