Our very first food artist of the month goes to the incredibly creative and super scrumptious Meringue Girls!

Since day 1 we have been obsessed with the beautiful and colourful food art this team have been creating. Check out our very inspiring interview below...





1. Tell us a little bit about you, an introduction?

We are the Meringue Girls, a girl power baking collective based out of a little kitchen in Hackney, East London. The company was founded in 2012 by Stacey O'Gorman and Alex Hoffler, the girls met working as chefs and decided to take a leap of faith and follow their hearts into the world of meringue. In our first year of business we hired Sylvia as one of our bakers, who is now a share holder and co director of the company. Along the way we've met and worked with a whole bunch of incredible women but currently we're a a team of five with Tara, our head baker, and Bella in the kitchen and Rosie in the office. 

2. Describe 'Meringue Girls' and how you create it?
Meringue Girls started really small, baking all the meringue out of Alex's home kitchen and supplying our stall on Broadway Market every Saturday. 

Since then things have grown pretty quickly, over the last five years we have continued to be stocked in Selfridges, have been flying out all over the world to cater weddings in India, Italy and Vienna, have started designing and producing our very own girl power t-shirts and developing our rainbow menu from just meringue products to a wide variety of sweet treats and a savoury rainbow canapé menu. 


3.Where do you get inspiration from and who are your favourite bakers/chefs?

We have all travelled a lot and definitely get inspiration from the places we have been and the food we have eaten along the way. For lunch we make a big shared meal, it's always veggie and now the summer has really kicked in our feasts are fresh and colourful. 


We constantly find inspiration in the baking community & online trends, especially Instagram.


Mostly we take inspiration from projects we are working on and the ideas that come out of them, we often get given a brief that has room for us to experiment and explore different ideas and we always do that as a team, bouncing ideas off one another.  Our projects are getting bigger, funner & weirder all the time.  A brief today for a giant wall of rainbow sprinkles - I mean, yes!


4.When and where did your creativity first start and how did you develop into this style of baking?

For a year or so we only made meringue products, it surprised us how much you could do with just shaping and colouring meringue in different ways and we spent a long time developing different products from unicorn poo meringue to meringue lollipops. 


That naturally lead us onto some of our other most popular products. We developed a coconut oil peanut butter brownie which remains one of our favourites.


We developed the raw millionaire's shortbread one summer when we were boiling hot in the bakery and wanted a sweet treat that was less rich. The result is a super delicious raw, vegan, refined sugar free salted caramel slab.


5.what is your plan next and what is your biggest future goal?

We have experimented with bricks & mortar shops, cookbooks, selling in supermarkets & franchising overseas - but what really works for us is focussing on one thing - and that is catering for fashion, new product, and press events.  We love working with new seasonal collections & theming sweet & savoury treats to the product.   Our goal is to continue to grow in this sector, and continue to do what we are good at! 


6.What advice would you give to any inspiring artists?

Always listen to what your heart is telling you, if you hate your job and you have a dream of starting your own business, do it. Know that it will be hard hard work and you won't have a proper day off for a good long while but if it inspires you and it's what you really love, it won't feel so much like hard work. 


w: meringuegirls.co.uk

i: @meringuegirls

f: facebook.com/meringuegirls

t: @meringue_girls


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