Hey guys!


Last Thursday we were lucky enough to experience Topshop personal shopping at the Oxford Circus store. We were well and truly spoilt to an outfit each to wear to London's Wireless Festival on Friday. What an amazing experience it was! The area itself feels very exclusive and you are treated like a VIP. The lovely girls at Topshop picked us out a room full of clothes each - and as you can imagine, it was full of colour, sequins and fluff! 


We each had our own little rooms with loads of clothes picked out just for our individual styles including shoes, jewellery and accessories to match. There was also a lounge in the middle of our four room that had free chocolate sweets that i literally could not stop eating. (SORRY IF I ATE THEM ALL TOPSHOP.)


It's not every day you get treated like such a queen, and it was really interesting to see what other people pick out for you. They must have stalked our Instagrams beforehand because they got it so right!


Come Friday we are glittering up at Lulu and Tiger's place (they now live together WOOHOO!) in preparation for a day of music, dancing and cocktails. We are all wearing Topshop glitter, sparkly shadows and metallic liner - us gals are huge fans of the Topshop Beauty collection. The eyeshadows are AMAZING (and we promise we aren't biased - the holographic colours are ridic!)


Chance the Rapper, Bryson Tiller, G-Eazy, Zara Larson and Big Narstie all took the main stage for an exciting day of performances. The sound system was poppin and the acts were all on point - especially Zara Larsson's outfit!


Wireless isn't the most colourful we have ever attended, we even had a couple of comments on our outfits... "WOW THEY'RE DRESSED UP!" but you know what, who actually cares what anyone thinks? A lot of our followers tell us they would love to dress more colourfully but are worried about what other people will think. We say - DO YOU, BOO!


So thank you Topshop for a wonderful festival ticked off this year's list! Outfit details below...












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