This weeks Confetti Artist of the Week is a special one! Sophie Lognman AKA @Sophlog has been a Confetti Queen since we first began!

Again Sophie is living proof of making your hobby into a job, we have absolutely adored Sophie's Instagram from the very begging of Confetti Crowd. Read what we think is one of our best Confetti interviews yet with our Gal @Sophlog...


Tell us about YOU!

Hi! I'm Sophie, @sophlog on Instagram, and I'm a content curator and marketing strategist. I'm based in Atlanta, GA here in the USA but love traveling all over! As you can tell from my photos, I'm a total color lover and #happyhousedreams finder!


Funny fact is that I used to be a huge tomboy! All the pink hues that you see on my Instagram feed were definitely not part of my everyday wardrobe while I was growing up. 


Tell us about your instagram and what you do!?

I'm very lucky that my Instagram has been able to blossom into a business for me ( is my website!). It started as a fun hobby for myself and my boyfriend - and has evolved into something much bigger! I am always hunting for colorful murals all around the world to showcase on my Instagram; And I've been lucky enough to partner with some national and international brands along the way! When I work with brands, I am hired to curate content either for my feed or their feed to promote specific products. It's been a fun journey and I can't wait to see where it takes me next! 

Were do you get inspiration from and who are your favorite artists?

I get 95% of my inspiration from Instagram. Before I travel, I look at hashtags and geo-tags of the places I am visiting to get a list of must-see places. I have albums on my phone titled "photo inspiration" and "places to see" that I save fun photos I find on Instagram. I also look at Pinterest for inspiration!


As far as favorite artists, I have so much! I feel SO lucky because I've been able to meet some of my favorite ladies online IRL (in real life!!). One of my favorite parts about Instagram is the community instilled in it. I've made some life-long friends because of the app - and for that, I'm forever grateful!

Some of my absolute favs are: @aww.sam, @splendid_rags, @hotpinkpineapples, @shopbando, and @mattcrump!! 


When and where did your creativity first start and how did you develop into this style?

I've always been a creative person. From a very young child, I've always loved color, art and design. I studied marketing and communications in college because it allows me to be creative in a corporate space. My Instagram on the other hand was never intended to enter the corporate world - and begun when I was living in California for grad school. I was nervous when I moved back home to Atlanta that I wouldn't have enough colorful backgrounds to help build my online brand, but I'm very lucky to live in a city with tons of color! (And I get to travel a lot, too!!)

What is your plan next and what is your biggest future goal?

The beauty in everything is that I have no plan! If a huge brand collaboration comes to me tomorrow, then YAY! And if nothing happens for months, then that's OK too. 


I do know that I want to create a place for other girls to feel inspired. When I get comments from others saying that my photos are a happy source of color and inspiration, that is the biggest compliment I could ever receive! I never dreamt that I could turn Instagram into a business so I'm forever grateful!


What advice would you give to any inspiring artists?

There are always going to be some people who don't understand what you're doing. People still don't see blogging or Instgram-ing as a business. But it IS a job and you CAN do it! Just enjoy what you do and do you all the way!


And don't be afraid to connect with others in the online world. Girls support girls - and you'd be surprised at how many positive people you can connect with online.











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