Today's post features some super sassy photos we shot with the super lovely Emma a while ago now. This is actually a pretty accurate picture of what a confetti sleepover looks like. A rainbow, sequin explosion <3


We want to chat to you about one of our fave subjects, GIRL LOVE!


One thing we've been preaching since the very beginning is our stance on coming together to end girl hate. We've grown up seeing women being put against one another and endlessly compared in magazines and in the media, so much so it's almost been ingrained in us to think like them. Big corporations and magazines survive off of us feeling insecure and hating each other. If all girls were taught to love themselves and respect one another instead of competing, can you imagine how beautiful the world we live in would be? This is the message we want to spread. 


Over the last couple of years there's been a huge girl power movement that some see as superficial but to us is it's much deeper than a cool group insta pic. In an industry that can be portrayed as catty, we want to prove to young girls and women how powerful it is when you support your fellow females. Bring each other up, praise one another, be your friends biggest cheerleader. Her success is not your failure! We're not saying you have to like every single female in the world, but think twice before you choose to spend your energy on bringing her down. You get back what you give out! So why not set yourself a little challenge and once a day for a week let a girlfriend know what you love about her and why you're proud of them?! Why not even compliment a stranger? You never know how much of a lift that can be to someone's day.


We've put together a little list of ideas on how you can support your sisters and spread the girl love in URL and IRL!

1. Text a friend or family member and let her know why you love her. Or even better tell her in IRL. 

2. Support your friends ventures! Show up, share their stuff, spread the word. 

3. Donate or volunteer with a female charity. Our absolute fave that we donate monthly to is the Malala fund. Read more about them here.

4. Support a female run business! We have a blog post dedicated to some of our favourites here.

5. Share/like/comment on your most loved accounts on social media. Our girl Charlotte Hole is amazing at this! She shares her current faves on her Instagram story and explains what she loves about them. This is such a cute idea that can really make someone's day. 

6. Don't forget to also take time to give yourself some love! Praise yourself every day. You are truly magical!


We are forever praising each other and are the first to celebrate one another's successes! It's all about sharing the love and empowering one another. Together we are stronger. We love supporting fellow independent female creatives sharing them with you guys! Who are some that you love? 





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