This week's woman crush is a special one, as it's our very first Confetti Crowd assistant! We recently advertised for someone to help behind the scenes as part of a paid internship. We will be taking on 1 intern a month to help young creatives get their foot in the door, gain some experience working in the fashion industry, make contacts and network with brands through us.


Were overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful applicants and how talented each and every one of them were! It was a very tough choice but we knew straight away that Amelia would fit perfectly into the group. Shoutout to DF Mexico for the super yummy food & cocktails whilst we interviewed the girls!


So to introduce our first intern to our readers, we thought a WCW interview would be the perfect opportunity. Amelia is a young creative full of ambition and positivity, and a girl boss in her own right. 



Hey Amelia! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I always find this a tough question to answer, but i’ll try! I have a massive passion for doing anything creative such as crafting my own accessories, or revamping my old clothes. I love festivals, and if I could I would be at one every day. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible so I try my best to bring the festival spirit into my everyday life by surrounding myself with bright colours and sparkles.


We LOVE your brand Glitter Disco Child, tell us about it and why you started it?

Glitter Disco Child started through my love of creating things. I always hand-make things for myself which I love, rather than buying it from a shop, as it gives the things that I wear much more meaning and life. I was fortunate enough that other people appreciated what I made which gave me the confidence to give it a go by selling online. So that’s when Glitter Disco Child was born.


People tend to go all out at music festivals dressed in crazy, colourful and creative outfits which is something I used to do as well. I realised I didn’t like the fact I had to wait until festival season to really express myself and dress how I want to dress every day. I wanted to create a community or brand where people can feel they can be whoever they want to be and express themselves daily and proudly. I made this brand without telling most of my friends and family (because I was embarrassed at first) and now that I have built a following, I am so proud of it! I feel as though I’m not alone and have a whole tribe of people similar to me.



We love seeing fellow girls start their own businesses! What does being a girl boss mean to you?

I think it’s really important to see more women having equal roles in the workplace. I would never have even dreamed of starting up my own business if it wasn’t for the women I have worked with who have proven that women are strong as hell, and can do anything if they put their minds to it. I used to think I was never capable or strong enough to be a girl boss. However, since working for Tirade 13, this proved to me how important it is to do what you love, trust your gut and go for it.


What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Ignore people who discourage you to be different and do what you believe in. Start doing what you love as soon as you can and whenever you get the opportunity.



What advice would you give to a young creative who's struggling to find their way in life?

Just keep building and developing your creativity. Just because you see people who might be doing better or have more skills than you, don’t let that stop you - let that drive you to be the best and most creative you can be. Do as many internships as you can until you find something that you love. Do as many artistic hobbies as you can because it feeds into your creativity. Make your ideas happen even if it’s just a drawing or a photograph, just continue creating things that you are proud of.


What are your career goals/aspirations?

Eventually, I would love to expand into festival clothing and tour the world selling at festivals. I would also love to be big enough to have my own team of people who have the same love and passions as I do. However, my main goal is to add a sparkle to everyone’s stride!


What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far would have to be starting Glitter Disco Child. One of the most rewarding things is seeing customers wear my stuff, it makes it so real and completely uplifts my confidence. Also, having people come up to me knowing who Glitter Disco Child is.


So there you have it! Make sure you check out her shop Glitter Disco Child, follow her Instagram & Facebook page.


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