YAY! We have a super exciting collaboration that we are finally allowed to share with you all! As you know, our absolute favourite earring designer is No Basic Bomshell - we wear her earrings almost every day. She has a pair for every occasion and for every colourful outfit! So of course we had to team up and design a Confetti Crowd collection of super colourful glittery earrings. We worked with Natalie to come up with 4 final designs and we are so happy with them. Not only are you supporting an independent GIRL BOSS, but by buying a pair, you are also supporting one of our favourite women's charities; Malala Fund. A percentage of proceeds will go to Malala Fund, an amazing organisation which fights for girls worldwide to provide 12 years of free, safe, quality education. Because we believe EVERY GIRL deserves a good education to give her the best start in life. By supporting Malala fund you are empowering girls and transforming their world through education.


The collection officially launches this Sunday at 7pm on the No Basic Bombshell shop.


We can't wait to see you guys in our designs! <3







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