This week’s Woman Crush is fellow rainbow babe, totally inspiring girl boss and friend of Confetti Crowd, Hayley Grocott - owner of Fifty Shades of Beauty.


We first discovered her work last year through Instagram. This girl is the absolute QUEEN of eyebrows! She really is the best in the UK at microblading - I have been up twice to get my brows done with Hayley and cannot recommend her enough. Life/travelling/my make-up routine in general has been SO much easier now that I don’t have to pencil in my brows.


And wow, what a wonderful human Hayley is! Every time I see her I feel so inspired and motivated to work for myself, turn my passions into a career and BE A GIRL BOSS! She is so incredibly passionate about her work, she’s eyebrow obsessed and believes every gal deserves a good set of brows. On top of this, she has a super sassy rainbow style that we dig too!


Her salon, based in Chesterfield UK, is a magical space with such a lovely vibe to it. You can instantly tell when you walk in that this gal LOVES her job and is proud of what she does. We are so blown away by what she has achieved for herself and how she’s grown her business over the last few years. She is such an inspiration to anyone thinking of starting their own brand.


Her mantra “Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work” could not be more true. This girl is a perfectionist and it shines through, just check out some of her before & afters below!


 I really wanted to share Hayley’s work on the Confetti blog as I think she deserves a million more followers. So here it is, a mini interview with the gal herself!


 Hi Hayley! Thank you so much for agreeing to be our #WCW. We absolutely LOVE how passionate you are about your work, and it’s clear that you really are the BEST at what you do! Can you tell us a little bit about how you started your salon, Fifty Shades of Beauty? 


"I was 18 when I became self-employed and I was mobile in the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire areas. I offered treatments ranging from manicures, pedicures, massage, nails, waxing, facials, lashes brows and makeup. I moved to Derbyshire in 2014 where I started working in my studio, and it was the best thing I've ever done! I loved being mobile but it was sometimes hard. As my business grew, I wasn't able to fit as many clients in, as I used to travel all over the East Midlands so that was time consuming. Being mobile was great to start off with, but I love having a studio as it's like having a place I can go to with my clients for 'chill time' and I can do what I love. I can also fit more people into my brow schedule which is great!"



Was working in the beauty industry something you always aspired to do?


"I've always been creative and wanted to be an artist when I was 11. During my teens, I became obsessed with beauty and make-up , so it was like combining the two!"


We aim to encourage successful, career driven young girls, and we feel so proud when we see likeminded ladies doing so well! What does being a GIRL BOSS mean to you?


"Being my own boss is honestly the best feeling in the world. If you ever get the opportunity to become self-employed, do it. With my job I don't even feel like I'm working! I'm doing my favourite thing ever and making women feel good about themselves - it's very rewarding and that's exactly the reason I do it."



What has been your biggest life/career related achievement so far? 


"Definitely BROWS. Especially over the past two years, the brow industry has grown and eyebrows have become a part of fashion. I've grown to LOVE them, it's like a weird brow-fetish. I get so giddy and excited whilst doing them and seeing the results! So yeah, my biggest achievement so far is becoming a certified microblading artist, progressing in my business and being fully booked for a year ahead!"



What advice would you give to a young person who's struggling to find his/her way in life?


"Do something that you really love and turn it into a career. Spread kindness, and kindness will come to you."


What are your goals and aspirations with your brand in the future?


"I've been self-employed since I was 18 (I'm now 24) so being a one-woman-show is something I've always been used to. However, the amount of incredible, kind messages I'm getting from people here in the UK and abroad is very moving. I would love to say that one day I'd have a sassy lil' studio near a beach half way across the world which I'd travel to for half the year and back... do a bit of global work. Or, have a 'FSOB headquarters' where I'd rent out rooms to the best nail techs, lash techs, hairdressers, tattooists, cosmetologists, spa therapists and more... and still get to do my brows! I never want to stop working now. So everything would be under one roof where people could come and forget the pressures of life and relax! But hey, we can all dream can't we. Also, my dad is always on at me saying "FSOB Products" (bless him), he thinks I'd do well designing and selling my own brow brand, so maybe that could happen one day... who knows. But for now, I'm going to work until I no longer have to introduce myself."


Be sure to follow Hayley's salon on Instagram @fsobx and head to her website for more information on her beauty treatments - www.Fsob.co.uk



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