Apparently 95% of women have cellulite, yet according to society it's something you should try your hardest to get rid of. I'm 25 and cellulite has graced my thighs since my late teens and believe me when I say I have wasted WAY too much of my time on this planet obsessing over it. I have tried everything to try and ctrl, alt + delete it from my life, from weird zappy machines, to thigh wraps and all sorts of lotions and potions. It was so draining worrying about it constantly every time summer came around. I would religiously cover up and sweat like a mofo just because I was so embarrassed of my legs. 


One key turning point for me was when I went to a beach club in Ibiza a couple of years ago (where I had wrapped my kimono around my waist to hide the back of my thighs) and I noticed that a vast majority of the girls there also had it and they didn't seem to give AF. Why on earth should we give AF? This is something that is totally natural and despite what the media like to tell us, we should NOT be ashamed of it. Girls of all shapes and sizes have it and it does NOT make you any less wonderful. 


Instagram can often fool us into thinking that everyone except us was blessed with silky smooth skin but please remember that there's filters, lighting, angles and facetune that can completely alter the way a body looks. I'm totally guilty of smoothing my legs out in the past, but now thanks to some seriously fabulous body positive role models, who I will get to shortly, I feel so much more comfortable in my own dimply skin. One woman who I am eternally grateful for existing is the absolute babe Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham). She is one of the main reasons I started to feel more comfortable with my curvy hips and thighs and I adore her with all my heart. There's nothing more empowering than seeing a woman with confidence right?! I LIVE for females loving themselves! We've been brought down so much by the media constantly telling us how to look and how to 'make ourselves perfect' so it's so inspiring to see all of the body positivity advocates across social media these days. 


I posted one of the above photos from our recent Ibiza trip on my Instagram the other day and it was the first time I had revealed my 'insecurity' to so many people (please bare in mind that this is actually a pretty flattering photo but ya know, baby steps) and I received so many heartwarming messages from girls who said they appreciated someone being honest and real about it and it made them feel better. YASSS! If I made just one girl feel better about herself and more confident in her skin then I am one happy chappy. It broke my heart that I had so many messages saying how worrying about cellulite had also consumed a lot of their energy so I just wanted to write a bit more of a detailed post today to remind you all that you are all goddesses no matter what. 


Obviously there are days when I'm not feeling so great about it but I've realised there's so much more to life than fretting over some dimples in my butt. Some other superwomen who have picked me up on my journey to self love are Kenzie Brenna (@omgkenzieee), Emily Bador (@darth_bador), Felicity Hayward (@felicityhayward) and Isabel Hendrix (@isabel_hendrix). Defo check them out if you haven't already! 



Remember ladies and fellas, don't let the media's unrealistic beauty standards hold you back from living your life, you are fabulous just the way you are!





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