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This Saturday's ARTIST OF THE WEEK goes to the wonderful Katie Jones! We recently met up with Katie at Beyond Retro for a little customization and collaboration where Katie sewed on our very own handmade crochet names to any chosen item of clothing from Beyond Retro.


If you havnt already heard Beyond Retro has launched an exclusive line of Katie Jones Festival accessories!! Katie Jones has collaborated with leading vintage retailer Beyond Retro to launch an exclusive line of crochet accessories, launching the first line ever to hit the high street for the renowned knitwear label.

Famed for colourful creations and sustainable methods, Katie Jones’ exclusive line for Beyond Retro features crocheted chokers, headpieces and patches, perfect for the summer festival season. The luxury knitwear designer has taken her signature approach to knitting and crochet and created her first pieces at a lower price point to become part of Beyond Retro’s Revolution Range. All the limited edition pieces were handmade in her London studio using surplus fabric and yarn to ensure a completely sustainable line.

Beyond Retro's Kate Peters commented: “Our Revolution Range is all about promoting recycling in the world of fast fashion. Katie’s vibrant take on the ‘waste not, want not’ approach as revolutionised the impact of crafting, and given a new generation of fashion fans a love for playful knitwear. We’re thrilled to have our very own Katie Jones accessories line - it's ideal for our young fun customer looking for something bold and bright for the summer season.”

Katie Jones replied, “Beyond Retro has always been one of my favourite go to stores so when the opportunity came to collaborate together on the new Revolution Range I jumped at it! They are the perfect partner for our signature patch pieces. I'm super excited that you will be able to go in store cherry pick your perfect jeans and find the perfect patch combo and DIY them yourselves! It's been really brilliant working with them to create this sustainable fun mini accessory collection!”

The Katie Jones line launched on and in Beyond Retro Soho and Dalston in April, and has complimented the vintage store’s creative and colourful prom and festival trends that will be running throughout SS17.



Confetti Lulutrixabelle has also recently started her crochet collection for her store @ShopFluffy and so we felt we absolutely had to make sure us crochet queens all stick together <3 We love Katie's Beyond Retro Collection and so we caught up with Katie after our customisation day for a little interview to find out more about Katie and how she gets inspired to create her crochet works of art....



1. Tell us a little bit about you, an introduction? 

I'm a Knitwear designer that is colour obsessed and launched my own brand in 2014. The passion behind my brand is to embrace craftsmanship and to give a more fun face to sustainable fashion, my tag line is - Playful aesthetics with serious ethics. I focus on Uk based manufacturing and using designer surplus yarns and leather with reclaimed denim. I love the idea of making something beautiful from nothing and for me as my designs are super fun and colourful i need to know that there whole production and supply chain is positive and has a positive impact on the world. 

2. When and where did you first start designing and how did you develop into crochet?

I would always customise my clothes from an early age, my Granny taught me to knit and crochet when i was a kid. This was just a hobby till i was in sixth form and started knitting again and then just didnt stop. I studied Knitwear at Central Saint Martins for my BA and MA but didnt start crocheting till my placement year whilst on my BA. My boss at Galliano taught me the basics again and then i also had to learn whilst at DVF, I fell in love with it again and decided that from then on i just mainly wanted to crochet. 


3.What is your design process and what is your inspiration?

Colour and pattern is my main inspiration. As a sustainable designer your process is a bit different, as i use up peoples waste its a bit more of a puzzle as i work with the materials available to me. Sometimes i get a bulk of one colour in and i have to see what i can do with it- or one season i had all mixed colours so we decided to do a tweed and then i researched more from there. Its an organic process but its fun as pushes your comfort zones. 


4. What's your favorite crochet piece you have made and why?

I think my fave thing I ever made was our Pinata Window display for Selfridges, for me it was just a perfect display of some of my most fave pieces and just so fun. That was a massive career milestone and personal goal and just summed up the brand perfectly.

5.what is your plan next and what is your biggest future goal?

I'm getting married in a month, so that is super exciting and Im making everything which is fun!!! I used to do crochet couture pieces and its taking me back to where i started. I would love to do a Bridal range after! This year is really exciting for me as i decided i wanted to stop wholesaling and sell more directly through my own ecom. For me this means i get to make lots of really cool custom pieces and oneoff unique pieces at a much better price. Selling through big stores with high mark ups just made me feel too alienated from my customers! Also im starting to run lots more Brand DIY workshops where you can come and learn how to make your own piece which i LOVE! 


6.What advice would you give to any inspiring designers?

Do it your way! The fashion industry is in a really odd place at the moment so there is no wrong and right way to go about things. this means that its quite exciting for new brands to change up the rules. Also USP is everything, fashion is so cheap and disposable at the moment you really need to be saying something with your work!




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