ARTIST OF THE WEEK - Lucy Turnbull

by Heidi Petite


This weeks Artist Of The Week is a favourite amongst Confetti Crowd, Lucy Turnbull.


Lucy's sassy and bold illustrations are innovative, very distinctive and carefully created with a lot of love and thought. A top secret that we can share with you if you're reading this is Lucy is currently working with both myself and Confetti Lulu on some super cool creative projects on our own brands, that will soon be released. When we found Lucy via Instagram we fell in love with her work so much she's now our go-to gal for logos and illustrations for our brands. She just gets us! Lulu's label @ShopFluffy has recently been rebranded with artwork by Lucy Turnbull, and I am currently working with Lucy on my top secret @HunnyPercent project to create some colourful magic that will be released very soon.


I caught up with Lucy for a little interview so you can get to know her, learn how her incredible illustrations are made and where her inspiration comes from. We hope you love the interview and fall in love with her as much as we have!


Tell us a little bit about you...

I’m an independent contemporary illustrator focusing on fashion and pop culture! Constantly inspired by people’s style and personal attributes, I create vibrant and sometimes relatable illustrations of a range of subjects.

When did you first start creating illustrations and how did your distinctive style develop into what it is today?

My aspiration in life has always to be on the art industry. It was only when I was in college trying to find my niche in the art world that I was introduced to the subject of illustration and it pretty much opened up so many different directions for me to go. As I studied it as a degree I got to explore a lot of the possibilities of what route I’d like to go down for my career. It was actually leaving uni and having all the freedom to do what I wanted to do without having to explain it, I really found my style and I just love it.  

What does girl power mean to you?

My illustrations are obviously very ‘girly’ and I mainly use girls as my main focus for my art. I’m obsessed with features and what people would perceive as flaws and just love how women express themselves from the way they dress to being open and honest about their bodies. I’m just in awe of how much girl power there currently is in art and love to see it making movement around the world. 


What's your favorite illustration you've done so far and why?

They seem to change all the time, I’m always aiming for bigger and better but It’s actually one I haven’t posted anywhere of a girl leaning against a wall with a banner saying ‘I was not made to be subtle’ over her head. It’s just a bit of an ironic piece and a quote I love. 


How do you create your artwork and where does your inspiration come from?

Recently I’ve been making up all my illustrations from scratch as I want them to be as authentic as possible. So, I’ll start with a random idea that’s popped into my head, for example my most recent piece of two girls sitting at a bar. I’ll have a mental image of what I want it to look like and ends up being a lot of playing around with positioning, expressions and random details. As for actually creating the image I don’t really make it easy for myself. I hand draw everything and then scan and add the colour digitally on photoshop. Some things can be an extremely long process but I enjoy it thoroughly. I get a lot of my inspiration from current trends in fashion but also from movies and photographs mainly from the early 2000’s. I’m obsessed with the colour tones in cinematography from clueless, mean girls and even shows like ‘The simple life’ and ‘Sex and the City’. An Instagram account I always refer to is ‘milkcl0thes’ for looks from the 90’s when I’m struggling to think of an outfit to draw.  


Who's your biggest role model and why? 

My biggest role model in the industry has to be Laura Callahan. I’ve followed her work for years and has probably been the main inspiration on my own work. I love her diverse use of women in her art and the crazy amount of detail, there’s always so much going on in one piece. 


What is the big dream for you and what do you have coming up in the future? 

The big dream is to have my own brand, of what I’m not sure. I’d love to have a shop selling art and accessories with my designs on. I’m really into textiles and accessories and love to play around ironing or embroidering my designs onto fabrics. I’m currently trying to set up a tiny online shop with my website to sell some prints and zines as I get asked a lot if I sell any of my work. Apart from that I’m working on a few exciting commissions! Every week is different and I hope to just keep on working with small brands and collaborating with artists!


You can keep up to date with Lucy on Instagram: @lcytrnbll

You can also check out Lucy's whole portfolio on her webste:





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