​by Lucy Rance

Here's a girl i've been obsessed with for YEARS. I first discovered Jade back in our Tumblr days before fashion blogs were a big thing, and was forever jealous of her fabulous wig collection (and how confidently she rocked them before they were "cool" - i tried to look as good and failed!)


I really wanted to feature Jade this week as she's recently had a whirlwind of success with her blog, as well as her newly founded brand Poca London. It's been amazing to watch her style evolve, following grow and creativity develop. She's one of those gals who really puts in the effort with her work, and you can tell. I caught up with the beautiful Jade to chat about being a bad ass girl boss!


"Hey Lulu darling, thank you so much for featuring me it's an absolute pleasure - we've followed each other so long, it's so great we've been able to follow each other's creative movements."


It's incredible to see your brand Poca London take off so quickly. Can you tell us a bit about your brand & how it started?

Thank you! I'm so overjoyed by how rapidly Pocalondon has evolved. I started Pocalondon in a box room in west London while working 3 jobs on the side. Pocalondon was almost accidental. I've always expressed my emotions and experiences through painting but one day my creativity took over and I began painting faces and poetry on all my old vintage leathers and denims. The next day I looked at my work like I never had before and for the first time it gave me a feeling of real purpose. Over 3 weeks of trial and error, experimentation and branding research I created a one off yet aesthetically consistent collection of leather garments. I dressed the coolest people I knew and shot the first look book for Pocalondon. The first few weeks of creating my first collection was like therapy; Pocalondon relieved me off all the anxiety and stress going on in my life at the time and it was the first time Id ever truly appreciated and believed in myself. The beauty of my brand is that every piece tells and story and my customers are my listeners. It touches my heart to know that my work is inspiring and relatable to people and I'm eager to start a movement with authenticity and girl boss realness.


You are a super talented artist. Are you self taught or did you study art at college/university?

I definitely self taught myself the signature style I have but really wouldn't of gained the confidence to show others my art if it wasn't for my 3 years studying fashion illustration at LCF. I also studied fashion design at college but hated every minute because my heart really wasn't in pattern cutting; I've never been one for rules. Painting radically on old unwanted clothes seems more fitting. 


What does being a girl boss mean to you?

Being a girl boss to me is literally being the boss of my own world. This applies to both my personal life and my business. It means  Owning my craft and my aethetic but all while influencing, inpiring and empowering other women. 


What are your goals and aspirations with your brand in the future?

I have a book with my long term and short term goals and projecting that on paper puts that out to the universe. I work for myself full time so short term I'd like to get   a studio and possibly an assistant so I can produce more and more pieces. Long term I'd love to see my one off pieces in luxury department stores but still have affordable mass produced pieces for young people. Another goal would be to see bigger celebrities like Rihanna and ASAP wearing my art... obviously ;)


What has been your biggest life/career related achievement so far? 

I have to say it was the peak of PocaLondon. I quit all my jobs, moved back home and no one thought I was ever coming back. 2 months later I was contacted by depop, built a following, saved enough money and moved back to London. My modelling was featured in vogue the same year and I hit 10k on Instagram but nothing compared to finding my purpose. 


What advice would you give to a young creative who's struggling to find his/her way?

Before finding my way I had so many ideas but was afraid of everything. I was surrounding myself with the wrong people and lost my passion. You don't always have to refine your craft, or be perfect or do what everyone else does. Go for walks, find inspiration, make mistakes, be around people that support you and always be fearless. 










Make sure you follow Jade on instagram for endless outfit envy, new hair every week, and of course her crazy cool art!


Shop her hand painted brand Poca London here.



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