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My favorite part of the Confetti blog is being able to give my favorite artists the Confetti crown for 'artist of the week'. Interviewing and getting to know the person behind the art is truly inspirational to me. This week's artist is the super talented Sophie Brampton - her female empowering illustrations and bold colours are very Confetti Crowd. Sophie even made us the super sassy image above especially for the interview and WE LOVE ITTT! My mini interview with Sophie left me feeling very motivated and i'm sure you will feel the same...


"Hey babygurl, thanks for making me Confetti Crowd artist of the week!! I’m Sophie and I’m a fashion/feminist/colour loving illustrator. Drawing is my favourite thing to do and I have been known to stay up to 4am just to finish a piece. I studied fashion at The University of Bournemouth (lovely place!) which I loved, however it’s more the experience that has shaped my career than my degree, in all honesty. Fashion is still a huge part of my work though and my course taught me a lot about creating a business, which is what I ultimately want to do in the future."


When and where did you first start doing illustrations and how did you develop into your style?

As the cliché goes, I’ve drawn since I was little, however my earliest memory of ‘fashion’ drawing is when I was around 9. I would draw like 15 girls on a page and give them all a different style, personality and name. They were a huge sassy girlgang! In the last few years I have done a lot of detailed work which has helped me to learn about body proportions and textures etc. While I was at uni I decided to use fashion illustration in some of my projects and borrowed the uni’s graphics tablet and fell in love with the digital life! I then just kept drawing and being inspired and have found my own unique style. I’m in no way a perfectionist about my work, but I like that it kind of represents my work message: being imperfect, being different and using sassy lines and colours.


Your artwork is very female empowering, what does girl power mean to you?

I think in my teen years I was very conscious of the male gaze and pretty much did everything for boys and other people. I wanted them to think I was pretty compared to other girls and i would wear flattering things and behave nicely. I got slut shamed a lot too and just thought that was just a normal thing for girls to go through – which is unfortunately still a reality. But luckily I learnt that we don’t need to put up with that shit! Identifying as female isn’t an open invitation for slut shaming and sexist comments. Girl power means realising we’re all in this together- we’ve all experienced rubbish attitudes towards having a vagina and we’ve had enough. It’s not all about what we look like or how we act, it’s about what we do and what we stand for as individuals. As my work says- I’m not your babygurl.


What's your favourite illustration you've done so far and why?

My favourite illustration is the girl with the rainbow piñata with blue sky. It’s from a shoot I helped to Direct for my final project at Uni and as the final images didn’t quite work together as photographs we decided I would illustrate them. I love how it’s something I was a part of with loads of female creatives and the end result is so sassy and cute and just makes me happy inside. I also love all my work that features my quote ‘not your babygurl’ as it has become very meaningful to me.


How do you create your artwork and where does your inspiration come from?

I create using layers over photographs on Photoshop. I guess it’s tracing but with some skill involved! My inspiration is mostly from strong women who are outspoken and don’t care for the male gaze. Women who are feeling themselves and loving themselves for who they are. Social media is mostly where I find inspiration, mainly Instagram and following bloggers, stylists and fashion photographers. I’m very intrigued by women’s bodies and our behavior as a society towards them. I want to show there’s no shame in being a woman who is sexual and free.


Your biggest role model and why?

My biggest creative role model would have to be my Gran in my home county of Devon who is an artist. She is so skilled at watercolour painting and creates beautiful landscapes and paintings of flowers/ wildlife in the countryside where I grew up. She has always supported me and wanted me to do well with my art. Also my parents are pretty creative and always find happiness in the smallest things which has been a huge positive influence on me.


What advice would you give to any inspiring illustrators?

Draw everything! Keep practicing and try to find your unique qualities that no one can do better than you. It might take a while to develop but you will find it. Use social media wisely - draw your favourite blogger/ something for your fave brand/ your #ootd, and post it or send it to them! Then follow similar illustrators to you, everyone is so supportive in the art world. And most importantly, always take pride in your work and be proud! Your creations are invaluable.


Head to Sophie's Instagram to keep up to date with her world of art and all her latest illustrations @SophieRoseBrampton






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