by Tiger Winfield


Hey everyone, hope you have al had a wonderful week. Mine was pretty busy doing lots of Easy Tiger sorting, buying, shipping orders... the whole business shabang! I can't believe how popular it has been so far, it's absolutely unreal. Such a dream come true! I really hope all your weeks have been completely magical! 


This week I wanted to chat about how important sisterhood is. I know us Confetti's bang on about it all the time, but I really think it is so important for all girls to have friends that they can rely on and talk about absolutely anything. I feel so blessed to have such amazing women around me, constantly supporting me and being open & encouraging to any crazy ideas/adventures/weird outfit plans I have.


I have had so many friendships that just haven't worked out. Either these girls were talking behind my back or just thought I was weird (therefor didn't want to be my friend!)

Either way, I feel like i'm at a stage at the moment where I am surrounded by the most creative, majestic and wonderful women that accept me the way that I am and love me for my weird & wonderful traits. Women that encourage me and dont judge me if I don't shave my armpits or don't have the same opinion as them. Those are the gal friends you want around you right?  Differences is what makes friendships fun and interesting! My advice to you, if you haven't yet found your clan is don't worry. They will come to you, or you will find them naturally. Only just now, do I feel like I have the right friends around me, it took me 21 years to find my tribe. Don't settle for ''friends'' that treat you like rubbish or make you feel like shit. You are a gem and don't let people think/say otherwise. You will find your sistas. Keep shining, keep being weird, keep being fun and you will attract all the right people. 


All my love,

Tiger x


PHOTOGRAPHER: Maximillian Hetherington


Heidi Wears


Trousers: Love Too True

Top: PLT 

Necklace: La Moda

Earrings: No Basic Bombshell


Lulu Wears


Dress: Vinage

Necklace: La Moda

Earrings : No Basic Bombshell 


Heli Wears


Two piece (which is actually nightwear + now on sale, woo!) : Missguided

Tights: PLT

Earrings: No Basic Bombshell


Tiger Wears


Coat: Easy Tiger

Skirt: PLT

Dress + matching Choker: PLT

Baby pink choker: La Moda





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