by Lucy Rance


That fuzzy feeling when you discover someone who is not only beautiful and ridiculously well dressed, but witty, hilarious and outspoken. She blogs about things that make you blush and says the things that everyone is thinking but too scared to say. This week's woman crush goes to Daisy Keens aka Pie & Fash!


Not only is her blog a hub of embarrassing moments and funny stories, she is also the queen of dressing fabulously for every occasion. I fell a little bit in love when I first laid on Daisy's endless fluffy outfits and sparkly shoes.


She is a self proclaimed "disco tits devotee and year-round hot pants wearer", sprinkling sass and spreading the feminist vibes wherever she goes. On her blog she's recently chatted about subjects such as her abortion experience, masturbation, and everything sex related. Every little detail you could possibly imagine. Her articles have us in fits of laughter and you'll see why, they're so well written and keep you coming back hoping for more stories. It's no surprise she's been published on Cosmo, The Debrief & ASOS Likes to name a few.


Chronic over-sharer Daisy's blog makes you feel like you're talking to your best friend. It's rare to find such a gem in the blogging world, this babe ticks all the boxes. So thank you Daisy for taking one for the team, making all those embarrassing moments seem completely normal and brightening our day!


Go and check out Daisy's blog NOW. You won't be disappointed. We just know this girl is gonna take over the world one pair of fluffy shoes at a time! Make sure you follow her on Instagram too for endless fashion inspo.






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