Hey guys, its Tiger. Todays blog post is going to be very relevant for me, as some of you might know, I recently relaunched Easy Tiger. The launch went incredibly well and we sold out of almost everything in an hour. CRAZY!!

Thank you so so much to anyone who bought anything, it means the absolute world. So much hard work and love went into that collection and I really can’t believe how much everyone loved it. Aww it makes me all warm n fuzzy inside!


Starting your own business is so much fun but there really is so much hard work that is put into it. I thought I’d give you a few tips and ticks on how to keep it all going smoothly!




Find something that you really believe in and something unique to the market.

So you want to start your own clothing business, thats brilliant! The number 1 thing before you start anything, is deciding on what type of clothing you are going to be selling. I think having something niche is sooooo important. Start selling something that people haven’t necessarily seen before. You want a place where if someone is looking for a particular type of clothing, your shop is the place to be! For example, I absolutely LOVE festival fashion, its my favourite type of clothing. So creating shop where people can buy incredible unique items for festivals came very naturally for me. The market for festival clothing is huge as everybody goes to festivals these days and there aren’t that many festival shops so it works great for me. Find something like that. Or better yet, let it come to you! I think it will come to you before you even know you want to start a shop. You will fall into it. Like everything in life!

Its so important to believe in what you want to create. Don’t start anything unless you are totally dedicated to it,  you totally believe in it and you are willing to put a LOT of time into it.




I cannot stress this enough, and I even still struggle to keep organised but it is so essential when running a business.


-Make sure your stock is all organised and tidy. I bought a load of big plastic (see through) boxes to keep my stuff in. You do not want all your stock mixing up so when it comes to someone buying something you have to search through loads of stuff! That would be a nightmare! It also keeps everything nice and clean and folded.

-Keep all your receipts and important documents safe and organised. This is so important with you proof of purchases, make sure they are all in a folder, labeled and dated. If someone wants to track their parcel you want to be able to quickly find their receipt so by sorting the receipts by the date can save so much time!




Your customers are the most important thing in the world. Here are a few tips to keep your customers happy and coming back:


  • Be quick at replying. Emails, Instagram messages, comments, everything! Make sure you try your very best to answer every question that your customers or future customers may have. This will reassure them and they will put trust into your business.

  • Be nice to your customers! Something I feel is so important but which comes quite naturally to me is treat your customers like they are your best friends. There are so many companies who speak to you like you are a robot. I absolutely hate this and I feel like I want my customers to see me as a friend who they can ask styling questions or really, whatever they want! I want them to feel like they are actually chatting to a human.



Tip 4: ENJOY


Lastly but not least is enjoy it! Enjoy the mistakes you muck up on, enjoy the difficulties that will arise but most of all enjoy working for yourself and having total power over your life. The thing with working for your self although it is incredible, you never know when to stop. You can’t stop as its your absolute passion to making your business as great as it can be. So before you dedicate yourself to working for yourself, be ready to work hard and put your absolute heart and soul into it! It will feel amazing!!




















Top - @Depop

Trousers - @ShopFluffy



Top - Missguided

Hat - Vintage

Earings - @NoBasicBombshell



Top - Depop

Trousers - Vintage



Skirt - Vintage

Top - Depop

Hat - Vintage




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