We recently met up with the wonderful ladies over at Betty to have a good old chat about all things girly. Betty is an online community that aims to help young girls feel comfortable growing up by encouraging conversations about periods, friendships, relationships, hormones and all the other things you experience as a young teen. They're like the cool big sister we wish we had growing up!



Not one to shy away from giving TMI we spent the afternoon with Betty at Soho Hotel playing 'Never have I ever/chubby bunny' where we talked about our own experiences with puberty, boys and awkward period stories. It's really refreshing to see a brand creating a movement that is educational yet relatable and smashing the stigma of periods being such a taboo topic. We're very open ladies so are always up for talking about this kind of thing and we had such a giggle filming with them. Watch the video below to hear our teenhood stories!



 This post is in collaboration with Betty*



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