by Helena Lester-Card


Today's shoot is a super sassy collaboration we did with the wonderfully talented Terri Ann from The Kaleidoscope Girls - a 'FACEPAINT/GLITTER/ARTY TRIBE' that use cruelty free products and biodegradable glitter. All this glitter is getting us SUPER excited for festival season YAY! As a cruelty free gal myself I was super excited to hear Terri's moved all of her make up kit over to the CF side and I would love to chat a bit about how you can make some changes to your lifestyle (if you want to) in today's blog post.


So I'm relatively new to the cruelty free world but I made the switch just over a year ago after realising that brands do in fact still test on animals. It was very naive of me to think that it wasn't going on any more but in this day and age you'd think it wouldn't be necessary. There are A LOT of cosmetic companies who say that they're 'against animal testing' so people are fooled into thinking they don't do it but this is often followed by something like 'and we don't test on animals unless required by law'. That law belongs to China and requires all products that are being sold there to be tested on animals.  


I'll save the gory details but I decided to go cruelty free because I was already vegetarian (recently turned vegan) and wanted to help my furry friends out as much as possible. I was shocked to find that the majority of my make up bag wasn't CF so I searched endlessly online to find animal friendly alternatives. Now I know that the prospect of ditching your fave MAC products isn't for everyone, I know some people who say they're just not really that bovved but if you want to be a bit more conscious of what you're purchasing or want to make the full switch then read ahead as I've put together a little guide that may help. I personally think that every little bit helps when it comes to both vegetarian/veganism and being cruelty free and I'm not the type to judge someone else's life decisions. Obviously in my ideal world then no animals would be harmed in any way and I wish I could protect them all but I know that sadly in this lifetime (and it really does break my heart) it's not realistic (although there are HUGE improvements and hopefully it will continue to get better). You can make a difference just by cutting down! I always feel so proud when a friend tells me about their new cruelty free product they've picked up. There's a lot to take into consideration when going CF, it's not just make up you have to think about. Hair products/hairdressers, household products and skincare are all things I've gradually had to change. 


There are a lot of sites that are really useful when looking for cruelty free brands such as Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty. Here is a little list I made to get you started. I hope you find it helpful and I would love to know if you have any cruelty free product recommendations!


Brands that do test on animals:

Estée Lauder 
Johnson + Johnson 

And lots more, just google: 'is .... cruelty free' if you're unsure.


Some brands that don't test on animals:
Gosh cosmetics 
Barry M (their nail varnishes and lip liners are my faves)
Models own



Sara Hill

Illamasqua (one of my fave brands, they have such great ethics) 

Kat Von D

Anastasia Beverly Hills 


Real Techniques

Yes To

Paul Mitchell
Superdrug own brand (I buy all of my toiletries Superdrug own and they're fab + makes life easier to shop cruelty free)
Co-op own brand

Method cleaning products

Ecover cleaning products


*The brand is cruelty free but they are owned by a parent company who isn't. Make your own decision on how you feel about this!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Maximilian Hetherington

MUA: Terri Ann from The Kaleidoscope Girls

STYLING: Confetti Crowd


We are wearing...



Jacket: Saccharine Shrine

Earrings: No Basic Bombshell x Confetti Crowd (coming soon)

Bralet: Pretty Little Thing

Body Chain: LAMODA

Leggings: Pretty Little Thing



Sequin Top + Jacket: Easy Tiger

Earrings: No Basic Bombshell



Earrings: No Basic Bombshell x Confetti Crowd (coming soon)

Jacket: Sarah Baily x Confetti Crowd

Shorts: The Glitter Snake



Earrings: No Basic Bombshell x Confetti Crowd (coming soon)

Top: Babydol Clothing

Dress: Vintage


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