by Tigerlilly Winfield


Oh hi guys, it's Tiger! This fridays blog post is a little shoot we did last week for my brand Easy Tiger, shot by Basil aka occasional Confetti photographer aka my boyfriend. We shot in the fabulous Zilfred Von Underbelly in Shoreditch.


MUA: Terri Ann

GLITTER & HAIR: The Gypsy Shrine


The shoot was a celebration of my collection journey finally coming to a big finale! The collection will be ready and available to buy this Sunday the 9th at 7pm ! I am so so excited to show everyone what I came up with when I was away. 


If you didn't know, I went away to Thailand, Vietnam and India for 4 months in search of making the best collection I could possibly design and get made out there. My boyfriend and I went out there with NO idea how to design, how to make clothes or even how to find a tailor! We just believed that it would all work out well, the key to any success in life; believing.  We went out there with very strong optimism and openness to whatever came our way and we are beyond happy with the final collection we can say we designed and got made all by ourselves! It was very hard work at times but I have some very funny stories as a result! 



So much hard work, glitter, sequins and love has gone into this collection. I had a lot of fun designing and making my ideal festival outfits. That’s what this collection is. A little piece of my imagination turned into a reality. 


This collection is so different to last years but its so much more authentic to my image and my visions. If you didn't see what I had on the shop last year then it was basically a load of gorgeous embroidered mirrored tops and waistcoats that I brought back with me from my trip India. I adored the Indian clothing so much that I felt like I had to come back and share the treasures I found with everyone, so I started the shop!  I loved all that stuff I brought back but none of it was designed by me, so it didn't have so much of a meaning to me. This whole collection was designed by me and my boyfriend, so it means so much to us. We have devoted so much time and love into it so I really hope this comes across when people see the collection. I hope people are going to love it as much as I do. 


I wanted to design clothing for festivals because I think its the best time to dress up, be free and have fun with your outfits. Festivals are a place that people tend to really let go. They don’t care about what people think and just enjoy themselves. I think this really shows through clothing. People gather their funkiest and coolest clothes to bring to the festival and they have so much fun with it! It’s so amazing to see how much extra confidence people have when they are rocking out in the most amazing outfits. This is why I love festival style so much. It shows the true personality of someone and I love the effort that is made. I wish people would dress as if it were a festival everyday so they would let go and not worry so much. Especially about what people think. I meet so many people that say “I wish I could have the confidence to dress like you”. I try to tell them you do have the confidence to dress like me. You just have to own it. You have to stop worrying about what people think. Worrying gets you absolutely nowhere in life, so it’s best to just wear what you want and totally rock it. 

I hope that anyone who buys any piece of the collection, feels the magic of these pieces, gets a massive confidence boost and really unleashes that free spirit that is in all of us...


See you all on sunday! <3 xox















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