by Heidi Petite


Look at this colourful cluster of Confetti's! Shooting at the amazing 'Neal's Yard' in London's Covent Garden; A cute little courtyard full of rainbow cafes and shops. As you already know, Confetti Crowd is thrifty, ambitious and BUSY. Our 4 group girl gang is made up with a variety of talents from different areas of the creative industry, from singing and songwriting to sewing, styling, marketing and photography. Us Confetti's are always coming up with something new to get creative with and our biggest inspiration comes from each other. When we first met each other we found there wasn't many other blogging creatives who dressed how we did, this is the initial reason we all became friends. (AND NOW WE'RE GLUED AT THE HIP!) This is also the initial reason we all own our own shops. Individually the shops and styles of clothing we couldn't find from other brands, we decided we would create ourselves.






@Helibells X @Sassyworlduk

'Helibells Queen of Sassy World'. Heli was the first Confetti to have her own store. Heli owned 'Sassy World way before any of us ever had our shops, but Sassy World was such a success she definitely inspired us all to start a brand. Heli wears a green top and jacket from Sassy World. the brand was born a few years ago when Heli left University and decided to carry of her final major project of sourcing and selling ONLY the most colorful and sassiest vintage clothing. Heli's glasses are also customised by herself. A Cheap pair of plain white sunnies from Ebay made into a pair of cow print must haves with a black sharpie pen!



I'm currently in the middle of launching my brand 'Hunny Percent,' its all top secret right now but you can sign up online to be the first to know when it launches at I'm also wearing hand painted customised rainbow jeans. I love anything to do with paint and art but i can never find many items with paint splashes, so i thought i would make them myself. It literally took me half an hour and now they are my favorite pair of jeans i own!


@Lulutrixabelle X @ShopFluffy

Lulu wears her own hand made rainbow and dalmatian print scarf from her latest Shop Fluffy collection! Lulu also began her brand as her final major project and has been developing and designing ever since. This month Lulu is off to Bali to source new fabrics for her relaunch this year.


@Ttigerlilly X @ShopEasyTiger

Tiger wears the most incredible blue bubblegum coat from her new Easy Tiger collection launching next sunday! Sourced and designed in Thailand, Tiger's festival shop has all the glitter and sequins you will ever need!


HELI wears:

Hat: Vintage

Sunglasses: Vintage + customised

Jacket + Top: Sassy World

Jeans: Vintage


Shoes: Vegan Dr Martens

TIGER wears:

Coat:  Easy Tiger

Dress: UNIF

Skirt: Depop

Beret: Willows Call

Boots: Vintage

HEIDI wears:

Jacket: Depop

Top: Vintage

Jeans: Vintage + customised

Shoes: Dr Martens


LULU wears:

Jacket: Sarah Baily x Confetti Crowd

Scarf: Shop Fluffy

Blouse: Vintage

Skirt: Missguided



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