by Helena Lester-Card


I can't get over how well we managed to accidentally co-ordinate our outfits in this shoot! Confetti girl band coming at ya! <3


We're often asked how we have the balls to wear what we wear and it 100% boils down to not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks! We're no stranger to funny looks or little kids asking us whether we are part of the circus or even grown adults hurling abuse (a personal fave which Heidi was the end of is 'OI RAINBOW TWAT!') but who cares what a complete stranger thinks?! As long as YOU are happy and feeling sassy AF in your get up then that is all that matters. 


Colour isn't for everyone and we can definitely still appreciate more monochromatic styles but for us personally, colour gives us life. Colour is how we choose to express ourselves and the more vibrant we look, the more confident we feel. We like to brighten our day with rainbow outfits and judging by the smiles and compliments we receive (way more often than the insults FYI), we can sometimes brighten other peoples day too!


When I was younger I cared a lot more about what other people thought and used to play it safe with high street trends and most of the time wear mainly black. It wasn't until I started blogging and later moved to Brighton for university that I started to feel more confident and began experimenting with vintage clothes and colour. I started off with just wearing one colourful item which then progressed into clashing more and now I'm a full blown rainbow haha. My favourite way to create a colour/print clash outfit is to find items of clothes with similar colour schemes as these compliment each other well.


But hey there are no rules when it comes to how you want to dress! You are free to wear whatever the hell you want and if you're worrying about looking 'silly' in something or fretting about what other people will think then just remind yourself that a stranger's opinion holds no relevance in your life, all that matters is how you FEEL. 


If you're wanting to experiment with colour more and wondering where we shop to find the most colourful clothes then hold tight as we have a guide to our favourite shops, brands and designers coming soon...


Love Heli xox


PHOTOGRAPHER: Rebecca Spencer



LULU wears:

Earrings: No Basic Bombshell

Top: Shop Easy Tiger (coming soon)

Rucksack: Skinny Dip 

Jacket: Babydol Clothing

Jeans: Missguided

Sliders: Pretty Little Thing


TIGER wears:

Sunglasses + Hat: Vintage

Top: Jaded London

Jacket: Rokit Vintage

Skirt: Depop

Boots: Dr Martens


HEIDI wears:

Hat: Depop

Jacket: Confetti Crowd x Sarah Baily

Top: Missguided

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing

Boots: Dr Martens


HELI wears:

Sunglasses + Choker: Made by Heli

T-shirt: Melody Ehsani

Jacket + Jeans: Hayley Elsaesser

Boots: Dr Martens




















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