by Heidi & Tiger


We all love a bit of an online shopping spree, splashing the cash on brands 'New In' section is no stranger to us. Although majority of the time what we prefer more than a little bit of high street is second hand clothing! Not only is it better for the environment (HELLO recycling) but you also find the most amazing unique pieces that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. 


We absolutely love rummaging through eBay, Depop, car boot sales and vintage shops for second hand and vintage clothing. Our online search unsurprisingly usually starts with 'rainbow...' followed by 'jumper' 'shoes' 'anything' you get the jist.


All of us love popping into our local charity shop as not only are the prices super cheap, but with each purchase you are also giving to a good cause at the same time. Funky clothes for you, whilst someone in the world benefits from your cash. Win win situation! Lots of people stick their nose up at charity shops, whilst the savvy shoppers are winning (and probably looking better!)


Many people don't give to charity simply because they can't be sure exactly where their money is going, whether its directly helping the cause or going to a big corporation. But there are many other ways you can help instead of just donating money...


Here's 5 simple things you could do: 


1. Raise awareness

Research and get recommendations into the types of charities you are passionate about. Some times if you can't afford to be giving out money it is just as effective to raise awareness to friends by in real life or on social media, shops, handing leaflets etc. 


2. They say charity starts at home...

How about doing something to help someone in your family, help an elderly person with some gardening or home repairs. Perhaps buy someone on the street a sandwich. These little things like this can really impact a persons life! No charity is ever too small.


3. Give blood!

This is something Confetti Lucy does often. Giving blood really does save lives! Its super easy to sign up to do and makes a huge difference. The blood that you donate can be used to treat a number of illnesses and its essential after serious accidents. 


4. Volunteer

There are so many charities you can volunteer for and it doesn't just have to be overseas. There are lots of ways you can volunteer in the UK  weather that is working in a charity shop (also best way of snapping up those bargains), fundraising, working in an old peoples home, or helping places that look after people with various illnesses. There is a website called that posts ads for volunteering around the UK. Just type in your local area and start volunteering! 


5. Donate clothing

Where would the charity shops be without the people who donate their unloved clothes? Remember, what you might think is rubbish is someone elses treasure. So never be too quick to throw clothes away. Always take them to a charity shop! It doesn't have to be just clothes too; books, ornaments or just anything you don't want anymore, someone else is gunna absolutely love! 


If we all helped some kind of charity more regularly, even if its only in a small way, this world would be a better place :)


HELI wears:

SUIT: Sassy World

TOP: Babydol Clothing

BOOTS: Vintage


HAT: Vintage


LULU wears:

JACKET: House of CB

SHORTS: Glitter snake 


TOP: Pretty Little Thing


TIGER wears:

SKIRT: Missguided

TOP: Easy Tiger (coming soon!)

BOOTS: Depop

HAT: Willows Call


HEIDI wears:

JUMPSUIT: Missguided

BODY SUIT: Jaded London

SANDALS: Pretty Little Thing

COAT: Baby Doll Clothing


EARRINGS: No Basic Bombshell x Confetti Crowd (coming soon!)


PHOTOGRAPHER: Rebecca Spencer

























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