by Tiger & Lucy


This week's #WomanCrushWednesday goes to the utterly stunning Emily Bador.


If you haven't yet heard of this babe - where have you been?! She has blown up recently and it's obvious why people love her. We've spotted her modelling for huge brands like UNIF, The Body Shop and ASOS.


The best thing about Emily is not only her beauty, she's a wonderful person inside too. She's an advocate of body positivity, and regularly talks on her platform about depression, anxiety, self-esteem and issues with the media on her platform. She understands the struggles of being a girl, in particular the modern internet girl and the pressure to look a certain way, especially online. She sets a great example for young girls!


It's so refreshing to see a "real" girl when scrolling through our feed - we love the way Emily shares photos we can all relate to (acne scars, rolls and hairy armpits included). We love how honest she is with her readers, it's so important that people know that what you see on Instagram isn't always the truth.


She has inspired us and so many girls to feel comfortable in their skin and try not to worry about the pressures of today's society. GIRL POWER!


Follow Emily on Instagram @darth_bador and prepare to fall in love.








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