by Heidi Petite


Our no.1 top tip on how to express your feelings...


If you're feeling stressed or like you have a lot going on, try expressing your emotions by realising what it is you are feeling! Start a feelings diary and keep track of your emotions in a list, you could do this in a small notebook or on your phone. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after getting all of your thoughts out on paper and seeing them written down in front of you.


If you find it hard to talk about your emotions or let others know how your feeling,

writing it all down helps because the thoughts are coming out and you are able to keep them safe somewhere you won't need to stress about them. It seems really silly but it is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself at stressful times. When your feeling over loaded and you need to set everything straight, all your emotions and all of the thoughts that keep running around in your head need to come out! Even witting a list of  'What is bothering me today' can give your mind so much release. 


Perhaps your upset about a family issue, a boy, an illness, work, school, university, money...Make some notes on what's bothering you, even if you think its small and silly. 'I hate getting up in the morning' is a constant issue on some of our lists!





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