WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT! We had the amazing opportunity to shoot in Zandra Rhodes' colourful London penthouse apartment, WITH Zandra herself! She is such a wonderful lady and such an inspiration to us to dress however we want, no matter what age. We feel so grateful to have had the chance to meet and shoot with her. You guys will DIE at how sassy her apartment is - rainbows everywhere!


We got to style up some of Zandra's archive of designs from over the years, as well as working with a photographer we have admired for a while, Olivia Richardson.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Olivia Richardson

CLOTHING: Zandra Rhodes & Vintage


Some of the shoot was featured in our 'Day in the Life of Confetti Crowd' vlog created by Vigics, which you can watch below.



Produced by Vigics for Confetti Crowd

Produced by Jos Grootjans

Directed, shot and edited by Demi Wesselo










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