designer of fluffy the label & award winning blogger/vlogger

Lucy Rance is a 24-year-old fashion design graduate, designer, blogger, vlogger, thrift queen & all round Jack of all trades.


 What talents do you bring to Confetti Crowd?

    I'm a bit of a tech whizz which definitely comes in handy when it comes to

    everything computer related. I studied photography at college and have always

     had an eye for a good angle which means my photography skills come in handy

     when we're

     shooting our own stuff.


    What does it mean to you, to be a part of Confetti Crowd?

    It has very much become a huge part of my life. The messages we get daily

    from people telling us we've inspired them to truly be themselves and dress

exactly how they please, makes me so happy! For me, it's our impact on young

girls that makes me most proud, and building a career out of a small idea that

makes me so grateful to be a part of Confetti Crowd.


What are your future career goals?

This year I hope to fully launch my label FLUFFY into something amazing. It's

been my dream job since I was about 8, so to turn it into a reality is a dream

come true! I'll always be a blogger/vlogger as I love documenting my life, more so for myself to look back on in years to come (as my memory is so bad). Obviously I hope to take over the world with the Confetti's too!


Tell us about your Shop 'Fluffy'?

I started my label Fluffy as my final year university project. My graduate collection was full of fluff, rainbow sequins, colourful leather and crochet - everything dreamy wardrobes are made of! After 3 years of hand making everything myself, i've finally found a manufacturer

which means I can grow my brand massively this year and really focus on making each design really special. Expect endless rainbow crochet for SS17!


What makes you such a thrift queen?

I am OBSESSED with car boot sales, jumble sales and charity shops. I get such a buzz out of picking up a new piece of clothing for a bargain price! I have been shopping at car boot sales since I was 11 years old, its so much more appealing then dropping £30 on one top in Topshop. I really think the world of second-hand shopping is gonna take over one day. I used to be embarrassed to shop second hand but then I realised - i'm the one saving all the money, lets just make it cool. And so my thrifty blog Lulutrixabelle was born, and so many people were shocked at the bargains I was picking up for next to nothing. People just can't afford/don't want to buy new anymore - thrifting FTW!!