Heidi Petite is our arty Confetti. The 23-Year-old singer/songwriter's rainbow lifestyle matches to her colourful and comical personality. Her music is influenced by both R&Band pop music and she's set to independently release her EP later this year. Heidi also explores the world of Art by utilising colour, mixed media and vinyls - she even creates her own cover artwork for her music.


How did you come up with the idea to create Confetti Crowd?

I first came up with the idea for a colourful girl gang when noticing there were few girls on the UK scene who dressed as colourful as I did. We were all initially fashion bloggers who each had our own colourful style going on and shared outfit posts on our blogs. It was only when I saw Lulu and Heli on instagram that I came up with the idea! I never ever thought it would go as big as it has done. The idea was only originally as a bit of fun for when I first moved to London - I sent all the girls a formal email, made the website, Instagram and planned our first shoot with my 2 best friends as the photographer and videographer and the rest is history!


What does it mean to you to be a part of Confetti Crowd?

Everything! Such a beautiful and genuine friendship between us. They inspire me and motivate me every day. There’s nothing I couldn’t tell them and they would never judge me for anything. Being part of a team and being friends with like minded girls really encourages me to push further with my individuality and career. I love them to pieces and starting Confetti Crowd has been life changing.


What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include; art, painting, drawing and mixed media canvas work. Playing the piano & guitar, gardening, cooking and partying.

I hate TV and i can never just be doing nothing!




singer, Songwriter & artist


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