The UK's Most Colourful Girl Gang of Creatives 

Confetti Crowd are a group of 20-something ambitious, independent, determined and career-driven creatives, aiming to inspire and empower young females across the globe. This Girl Gang are advocates of self-love, encouraging confidence and success in girls globally.

How did you meet?
We met through working in the creative industries as individuals, but each bring something unique to the group. What makes us work together so well as a collective is our very real best-friendship. We support each other’s every idea and help bring out the best in each others talents. 

Together we want to end girl hate and encourage all girls from every walk of life to love and support each other. Living proof that you can turn any dream, idea or hobby into a job.

What are your goals?

We hope to inspire girls who may dream of owning their own business, working from home, being a girl boss or being self-employed. Create a community of successful girl bosses who support each other rather than compete against each other. It's important that young girls feel they can be completely and truely themselves when growing up. From finding your style at an early age, to building confidence and skills for a successful life, we are here to act as their big sister. As individuals we were all picked on for dressing "weird" - but remember that first they laugh - then they copy.

The Confetti Crowd are constantly involved with campaigns all over the UK. Since working as a collective we have worked with brands such as: Nike, Illamasqua, Schuh, Missguided, Topshop and Impulse. Each campaign the gang are involved in, contributes to their ultimate objectives of uniting young people internationally and staying true to yourself, by being whoever you want to be. 

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Who are confetti crowd?

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